Protestant Florence: the protagonists

Over the centuries Florence has played a key  role in the history of Italian Protestantism: in the nineteenth century the city became one of the most vibrant centres  of Evangelization of the various Protestant denominations, including the Waldensians and Methodists.
Italians and foreigners alike have described how during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries they were actively engaged in the dissemination of the Gospel. Their voices will help us discover a new Florence, where the stories and words of Ministers, teachers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, exiles and converts echo each other.

Places of interest

1) A Scottish Benefactor in Florence: Robert Walter Stewart
2) Savoy Sweetness in the Centre of Florence
3) Jailed Because of Her Faith: Rosa Pulini Madiai
4) The Risorgimento and the Awakening: Teodorico Pietrocola Rossetti
5) Paolo Geymonat’s ‘Oratory’
6) A Paper Reform: Pietro Guicciardini’s Library
7) From London to Florence: Salvatore Ferretti’s Work
8) A Waldensian in the World of Fashion: Giovanni Battista Giorgini
9) A Bible for Everyone: Giovanni Luzzi’s Work