The project


The Methodist and Waldensian Cultural Heritage’s portal is the unified access point to the catalog and to the descriptive information of all the cultural assets; it is an essential part of the ABACVM Information System ABACVM, created by the Waldensian Board to inventory, catalog, communicate and give value on-line to its cultural heritage.
ABACVM’s starting point is a new outlook on heritage: archives, libraries, photographs, museum pieces, historic, artistic and liturgical objects, buildings, places, customs, memories, etc. are no longer entities divided by category, but are instead part of a complex system and are elements of a group of substantial relations. The project’s main objective is to create a single virtual archive for all the Methodist and Waldensian cultural heritage assets physically conserved in churches and institutions throughout Italy.
Thanks to the re-reading and re-organizing of the traditional descriptive information according to an ontological-semantic interpretation, it is possible to perform complex searches within the entire heritage’s archive. From these searches the user obtains not only the descriptive information on the single element or group of assets chosen as a result, but also the reconstruction of the context in which those objects are located; this draws attention to the relations that exist between the heritage’s elements, the subjects that define them, the places where they are set and the people they are tied to. Through the portal one can search the catalog, discover heritage sites and itineraries, and learn about Methodist and Waldensian history.

Who is it aimed at

The portal is aimed at those who (regardless of whether they are professionals or not, or specialists or not) use it casually, occasionally, purposefully or systematically. Because every user has extremely variable needs, which depend on their cultural profile, their formative aspirations, and their own, even temporary, curiosity, the portal is designed to offer two levels of use: a didactic one and a specialized one.
The first one allows users to receive general information about all the cataloged assets and to learn, from various points of view, the history of the Waldensian and Methodist community, the places and people that characterized it. The specialized level uses filters to allow searches to reach the highest possible level of detail, by accessing the complete descriptive catalog card.

Chiesa Evangelica Valdese – Unione delle Chiese Metodiste e Valdesi

  • Casa Editrice

    Casa Editrice
    It publishes Protestant theological literature, books about history and current events.
  • Centro culturale protestante

    Centro culturale protestante Based in Bergamo, this Cultural Center owns the Biblioteca Girolamo Zanchi, a special library that offers 5000 volumes and rare editions dedicated to Protestantisms, its history and theology.
  • Fondazione Centro
    Culturale Valdese

    Fondazione Centro Culturale Valdese It was established in 1989 by the Tavola Valdese and by the Society of Waldensian Studies for the preservation, promotion and diffusion of Protestant heritage and culture.
  • Società di Studi

    Società di Studi
    Founded in 1881, the Society’s library is specialized in Waldensian history, has an historical archive and a photographic archive; it organizes conferences, publishes a scientific journal and a series of history books.
  • Facoltà Valdese di Teologia

    Facoltà Valdese di Teologia Founded in 1855, this university is specialized in the study of Protestant theology and it is aim at the preparation of ministers for the Protestant churches; it is located in Rome.
  • Diaconia Valdese

    Diaconia Valdese This committee connects and coordinates social work and institutes for assistance and reception in the Methodist and Waldensian churches.